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The Medical Library Association's New Thought Leadership Initiative
Gerald (Jerry) Perry, MLS
Associate Dean, University of Arizona Libraries, and
Director, University of Arizona Health Sciences Library
Late this spring, the Medical Library Association (MLA) announced a new thought leadership program called the MLA InSight Initiative. This Initiative provides a forum for MLA leaders and select partner organizations to engage in high-level, high-value dialogue on issues of common interest that impact the health information profession...
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 Score: 95
American Psychological Association
How and Why Are Some Therapists Better Than Others? Understanding Therapist Effects
Editor: Castonguay , Louis G.

We know intuitively that some therapists are better than others, but we don't fully understand why. To answer this question, Louis Castonguay and Clara Hill compiled this comprehensive guide in ...

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 Score: 94
Wolters Kluwer
A Practical Guide to Dermoscopy
Author: Markowitz , Orit

Dermoscopy has revolutionized the evaluation of pigmented lesions, but pattern recognition alone isn't always sufficient to make a diagnosis. A Practical Guide to Dermoscopy helps ...

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Health Administration Press
Healthcare Finance: An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management, 6th Edition
Author: Gapenski , Louis C.

The essential concepts of both accounting and financial management are covered in this best-selling healthcare finance book. Through clear explanations, numerous examples, and realistic practice ...

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