Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary: Brings Meanings to Life, 24th Edition

ISBN: 9781719642859
ISBN-10: 1719642850
Copyright: 2021
Edition: 24th
Editor: Venes, Donald
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 82
Reviewer: Iris Kovar-Gough,  MA, MLIS  (Michigan State University Libraries)
This dictionary follows the standard format - it is organized alphabetically with pronunciations, basic etymology, and definitions. Call out boxes and tables show more granular information on a topic and red outlines draw attention to safety or caution information. The online version includes the same entries as the print version, as well as videos and audio pronunciation guides. The video content is primarily procedural with some limited basic science such as the structure of DNA. The previous edition was published in 2017.
The purpose is to define vocabulary, scientific and clinical concepts, and procedures for healthcare students, educators, and clinicians. This dictionary aims to be a bedside reference during clinical practice and patient care. It is one of the major seminal works in the genre. It is sparsely illustrated, but balances being a comprehensive dictionary with features that emphasize patient care and clinical competence. The online version adds value with multimedia features. The mobile app is a great complement to the print edition and will likely be used more on the ward than the print book.
The audience is primarily residents, nurses, and practitioners, but the dictionary is accessible for health professions students of all levels. It offers information for all specialties but may be most appropriate for family and internal medicine. The editor is a physician and fellow of the American College of Physicians.
Taber's covers a wide variety of clinical and basic science topics. In particular, its clinical skills content is well integrated, and the majority of images are clinically focused. They offer a bedside reference that is more granular than other medical dictionaries. The writing is clear and concise and the images useful and high quality. This edition has more content on aged populations and oncology than previous ones. This additional content is helpful given the aging population and the need for more gerontological knowledge and procedural training. It uniquely uses red outlines and a yellow/red triangle symbol to draw readers' attention to caution/safety statements. It also uses color and font to highlight patient care pearls. The formatting makes this an easy-to-read reference for bedside care. The artwork is minimal, and the print version could have used more images. The online version has more images, although they are a fraction of those found in competitors like Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary.
This edition includes additional topics such as aging, cancer care, epidemics, informatics, and nutrition. It strives to be inclusive of all specialties as well as clinical and basic science topics. Given the pace of medical advances, a new edition after four years is welcome and justified. Compared to other medical dictionaries, such as Dorland's or Stedman's, this one is smaller and has fewer definitions and images. However, its focus on direct patient care is unique as is the video content in the online version.
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