Unique collection development tool featuring the most extensive database of expert reviews of books, eBooks, and software in the health sciences, now with over 44,000 reviews.
Bibliographic information on over 210,000 book, eBook, and software titles in 120 specialties.
Weekly email reporting on new reviews and new titles in your areas of interest.
Discover e-versions of books available from your favorite aggregators!
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Includes Doody's Core Titles 2024
Annual subscription allows up to 5 users at your institution to sign up for their own weekly updates.
Quick and Advanced search engines; List Manager to create, store, share and e-mail lists of titles.
Manage your subscription online: add/delete users; print invoices and submit payments.
"The services provided by Doody's are excellent, high quality collection development tools. They have become essential for libraries and librarians to use in selecting monographs and electronic databases to add to their collections."
Jim Bothmer, MLS
Creighton University School of Medicine (Retired)

"Just as librarians like to advertise our services as helping patrons save time, using Doody's services is a smart strategy to help librarians save time, as well as money. The extensive and thorough reviews each year of such a large number of titles could not be undertaken by a library staff alone."
Kristen DeSanto, MSLS, MS, RD, AHIP
Strauss Health Sciences Library, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

"Doody's is a useful, unbiased method for finding the best titles for collection management. The people reviewing the materials are professionals with knowledge and experience in their fields, providing expert reviews you can trust."
Michelle Kraft, MLS, AHIP, FMLA
Cleveland Clinic Libraries

"Doody's Review Service is an integral part of my collection development routine. One of my favorite features is the inclusion of details about online availability of titles. The Weekly Literature Updates are an easy and quick way to stay informed about the newest publications, and the ability to create shareable lists is very useful."
Marlene Bishop, MLIS
LSU Health New Orleans, Division of Libraries

"Doody's Review Service is an important part of my resource selection process, especially in areas where our users are less vocal about their needs. The product is very useful when assessing the impact of new programs; for example, if a new program is established within our faculty I can quickly identify important titles using Doody's Review Service and compare these against our holdings. I then use cost-analysis information within Doody's Review Service to estimate the required funding for new resources in support of a program. As the primary selector for my library I look forward to the Weekly Literature Updates in order to keep abreast of the newest and best books in all disciplines."
Andrea McLellan, MLIS, AHIP
Health Sciences Library, McMaster University

"Doody's Core Titles and Doody's Review Service are essential to collection management for selecting monographs. Using Doody's services helps librarians and libraries better develop and manage their collections."
Jie Li, MLS
Charles M. Baugh Biomedical Library, University of South Alabama (Retired)

"Our library is a small team and Collection Development is overseen by the Director but shared across the team. Doody’s [Review Service] helps us to work from the same playbook…The price is reliable and steady, and that is helpful for libraries in less flexible budget years."
Martin Wood, MSLIS, AHIP
Maguire Medical Library, Florida State University College of Medicine

Doody’s Review Service is easy for me to use and that is worth the price.”
Elizabeth Speer, MLS, MEd
Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library, University of North Texas Health Sciences Center

Doody’s Review Service saves me time and money. My book budget shrinks every year, and I depend on Doody’s solid reviews and recommendations for new titles…The prices for my other subscriptions increase each year and it’s been wonderful that Doody’s has not.”
Library Manager at a national professional association

“I am a hospital librarian, but do not possess a health-related degree so I rely on Doody’s Reviews to help me properly assess the validity of the content of new medical publications. It is also a great way to learn about new titles in the field of health and medicine…My library budget has not increased in 7 years so stable pricing has been great!”
Hospital Librarian in Canada

"Here at the University of Vermont we especially appreciate the one-stop-shopping experience that Doody’s Review Service enables. We can evaluate the multiple options for ebook vendors for a particular title all in one place. And we can see if there are additional editions available as well."
Donna O’Malley
University of Vermont Dana Medical Library

"I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with [upgrading my subscription to Doody’s Core Titles® to a] subscription to Doody’s Review Service after only a month’s use. It’s been an enormous timesaver. The ability to limit to e-books is one we use a lot – and the convenience of seeing which platforms offer any ebook is just wonderful. It makes ordering so much easier when we can weigh ebook cost with which suppliers. The other librarian working with me and I love the capability of saving and annotating lists that we can then share. Do I ever wish I had done this sooner! I’ve been a big fan of DCT for years. Now I’m an even bigger fan of DRS."
Susan Gerding Bader, MLS, AHIP-D
Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing

"I do want to let you know how much I appreciate Doody’s Review Service. I can't begin to tell you as a coordinator of collection development how great this resource is! All of our librarians have access on their computers and the ability to do targeted searches to find the best resources for our budget has been a real timesaver!"
Deborah Ruck
Medical College of Wisconsin

"I am the library liaison to the School of Public Health and am the primary selector for public health and related books.  However, my primary responsibilities involve managing Serials & Electronic Resources which limits the amount of time I can spend on book collection development.  I depend on Doody’s [Review Service's]weekly email alert to stay on top of my collection development responsibilities.   I have my profile set up for the subject areas for which I collect and find all of the information useful, not just the reviews.   Doody’s is essential because it saves me time and helps me stay up-to-date.   I also find the articles written by featured librarians interesting."
Shirley Rais, MLS
Loma Linda University, University Libraries

"The subject selectors at Dalhousie University's health sciences library rely on Doody's Review Service to help with print and ebook collection decisions. The site is easy to navigate and the expert reviews are both unbiased and trustworthy. Thanks for the great product!"
Gail Fraser
Dalhousie University's W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library

"I use Doody’s Reviews to alert me to highly rated titles that I might want to add to our collection.  On occasion, I use the core titles list to check our holdings in specific subject areas."
Gina Kaiser
Coordinator of Technical Services, University of the Sciences

"Doody's [Review Service] is a great resource for collection development and assessment. It's our first stop for finding new titles in medicine and allied health. We are eagerly anticipating future enhancements that will integrate our lists with titles by specialty so we can more easily assess the coverage and currency of our collection."
Medical Librarian, medical library in Texas

"Doody’s [Review Service] is my go-to resource when making collection development decisions. I like the fact that [titles that are listed in] Doody Core Titles and Brandon Hill are easily identifiable. The search interface is easy to navigate, too.  It’s a valuable tool for me – I use it several times a week!"
Medical librarian from a hospital library in Ohio

"Doody’s [Review Service] is an essential tool for collection development in our library system. It is imperative each year that our limited funds for purchasing books are spent on the most essential titles. The Doody’s ratings are important for assessing what should be acquired. The weekly Doody’s [e-mail] provides  the most comprehensive overview of new titles and editions that were recently published and serves as a collection development checklist. We like to use Doody’s for creating lists for subject analysis of our collections and determining gaps that need to be filled."
A librarian from a Midwest academic medical center library

“I find my subscription to Doody’s Review Service extremely useful in determining what to purchase and whether or not I already own the title. Doody’s is the first place I look before checking vendors. It makes my life so much easier.”
Liaison Coordinator
Academic Medical Center library in the South