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When Doody's Book Review Service™ first premiered in 1993, the Medical Library Association endorsed it as a "valuable collection development, cataloging and reference tool." From the very beginning, the information needs of health sciences libraries have always been a primary focus of Doody Enterprises. Please see the sections below for information on all of our product offerings.

Collection Development Tools for Librarians

Doody's Review Service

Doody's Review Service (DRS) is our premier collection development tool designed for medical librarians who want to optimize their acquisitions budgets. DRS saves our customers countless hours of research and thousands of dollars in poor purchasing decisions. Doody's Review Service features:

  • the Web's most comprehensive database of both print and electronic titles in the health sciences
  • Doody's timely, expert reviews on the majority of newly published titles
  • a Weekly Literature Update providing updates of books added to the database the previous week in a subscriber's profiled areas of interest
  • popular Web features including searches of new reviews pre-sorted by specialty, advanced search capabilities to retrieve titles from more than 190,000 entries in the database, and the ability to create, email, print and share custom lists of titles.
  • immediate access, at the DRS web site, to the latest edition of Doody's Core Titles, published each year in the Spring.

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Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences

Every year in the Spring, Doody Enterprises, Inc. produces an original selected list of Doody's Core Titles. Over 200 healthcare professionals and medical librarians collaborate to create the yearly edition of this collection development resource which rates core book titles in 121 specialty areas in health sciences, basic sciences, clinical medicine, allied health, associated health professions, and nursing.

An added feature is the Doody's Core Titles Monthly Newsletter, an e-mail update featuring new information about titles in the Doody's Core Title list, an original article from a Guest Author (usually a librarian), a featured "Book of the Month," and a tip from Doody's staff about a hidden gem in Doody's Core Titles or some other notable development.

Doody's Core Titles is fully integrated into Doody's Review Service and is included in the subscription fee.

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New! Doody's Collection Development Monthly

In response to reader demand, Doody’s Collection Development Monthly was developed as a free service for subscribers to Doody’s Review Service and Doody’s Core Titles. Premiering in January 2014, DCDM includes both a website and a monthly e-mail newsletter, published on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

The service features:

  • A Guest Article typically written by collection development librarians on a subject of topical and timely interest to health sciences collection development librarians;
  • A profile of a specialty covered in Doody’s Review Service, focusing on the number and type of print and electronic books published in the specialty over the previous 12-month period;
  • A profile of the Editorial Review Group Chair responsible for getting the titles in the profiled specialty reviewed;
  • A profile of a publisher who is active publishing in the area of the profiled specialty, focusing on the number and types of books the publisher released in the previous 12 months, as well as the number of titles from this publisher chosen in the most recent edition of Doody’s Core Titles.

In addition, each issue can contain highlights of up to three new products that we consider especially important for collection development librarians to be aware of.

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