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A Review of APhA PharmacyLibrary 


Anya McKinney, MSIS, AHIP
Director of Library Services 
South College Library 
South College 


PharmacyLibrary is the American Pharmacists Association’s (APhA) web platform for providing online access to APhA published texts and other educational content. A standalone platform, PharmacyLibrary is intended primarily for pharmacy education with content aimed at pharmacy students, faculty, and preceptors. However, PharmacyLibrary access is also available for purchase by individuals and pharmacists interested in maintaining access to the reference library and other content. PharmacyLibrary is an excellent resource for institutions supporting a School of Pharmacy by providing access to the APhA’s authoritative textbooks, faculty instructional materials, and other quality resources...

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Health Administration Press
Population Health, Epidemiology, and Public Health: Management Skills for Creating Healthy Communities, 2nd Edition
Author: Caron , Rosemary M.

COVID-19 triggered broad discussions of population health, epidemiology, and public health, not only in academic communities but also in society at large. Although masks, social distancing, and vaccines helped curb its spread, the novel coronavirus will clearly not be the last infectious disease that tests our preparedness. Healthcare professionals must continue to collaborate and implement ...

American Pharmacists Association
Bypass Pharmacy Burnout: Change Your Trajectory to Enhance Your Experience
Author: Alverez , Nancy A.

Bypass Pharnacy Burnout focused on individual personal development applicable for all pharmacy personnel, discussing how to optimize the use of various tools and skills to be a leader and mitigate burnout. Happiness and wellness are critical to the survival of the pharmacy profession - to enable us to advance through the challenges that face pharmacists everywhere - regardless of ...

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