Merritt's Neurology, 14th Edition

ISBN: 9781975141226
ISBN-10: 1975141229
Copyright: 2022
Edition: 14th
Editor: Louis, Elan D., Mayer, Stephan A., Noble, James M.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 93
Reviewer: Michelle Braslavsky,  DO  (Thomas Jefferson University)
This is the fourteenth edition of an expansive review of the epidemiology, pathophysiology, approach to, diagnosis, and treatment of neurologic conditions. This edition also includes an ebook. The previous edition was published in 2015.
The purpose is to provide a resource for and review of clinical neurological conditions, management of those conditions, and background information. The online format adds value to the book, as it allows readers to quickly search for a topic of interest.
The audience is neurology residents and practitioners. The book would be a useful resource for general neurologists wishing to have an overview of specific diseases, a refresher on neurological exam features, or to think broadly about a differential diagnosis.
The book starts with an epidemiological view of the global burden of disease, followed by a section on the approach to the neurological patient. It later discusses common problems in neurology, followed by diagnostic tests. The book subsequently is grouped into different subspecialties within neurology, with a section on each and subtopics relating to diseases falling into each category. This book is up to date, even including a section on the current COVID-19 pandemic and neurological features associated with that disease.
This has been a classic neurology resource since 1955, which has, over time, added more detail, more pages, and more experts contributing to its authorship, in addition to an online version of the book. This edition has now added level 1 citations for all management recommendations. There has been an extensive review of current and up-to-date treatments. It is thorough and covers a great range of topics and does so in evidence-based ways. It is the neurological equivalent to Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine.
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