Neurology Video Textbook

ISBN: 9781936287567
ISBN-10: 1936287560
Copyright: 2013
Edition: 1st
Editor: Howard, Jonathan
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 94
Reviewer: Kristin Scott,  MD  (Mayo Clinic Florida)
For many important neurological diseases, proper diagnosis hinges on obtaining an accurate history and observing pertinent physical exam findings. This electronic neurology book allows users to hear real patients' descriptions of symptoms in their own words and to see pertinent physical exam findings.
Many physical exam findings are difficult to convey in words, and this video format is designed to demonstrate rather than describe key findings. It also provides narrative explanations of key topics as well as radiographic images.
This is intended for medical students and residents in training. While the information is straightforward and easy to understand, the video also is comprehensive and covers the most important topics.
The quality of the video clips is excellent. The neuro-ophthalmology and movement disorder sections are particularly well done and well suited to this format. These are subspecialty areas in which real-life examples of physical exam findings are incredibly helpful in the learning process. The accompanying radiographic images are also high quality. One minor shortcoming of the imaging clips is that they play slice-by-slice very quickly and, although it is possible to pause them on one slice at a time, I didn't see a way to play them slice-by-slice more slowly. Overall, however, the DVD is comprehensive, concise, and user-friendly. It loaded easily on my laptop and navigation was fairly simple and intuitive. There were only a couple places where I followed a link and was unsure how to navigate back to the previous screen.
This is a fantastic addition to clinical neurology training. Its unique format allows trainees to learn from real-life examples of neurological pathology. The video clips are a valuable resource and provide high-yield, clinically-relevant information that cannot be adequately conveyed in a traditional text-only format.
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