Infection Prevention and Control Issues in the Environment of Care, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781635851038
ISBN-10: 1635851033
Copyright: 2019
Edition: 4th
Author: The Joint Commission,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 88
Reviewer: Dyanne Medlock,  BSN  (VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System)
This unique and necessary reference on infection prevention covers a wide variety of topics beyond the basics of the acquisition of healthcare-acquired infections, physical environment, and leadership. New to this fourth edition are many topics such as construction, disinfection and sterilization, utility services, environmental services, etc. The new additions provide a basic overview of the role of infection preventionists and the assistance they can provide to those in ancillary services they work with on a daily basis. The book also includes a few checklists and assessment tools that are helpful in evaluating a program. The previous edition was published in 2015.
The purpose is to provide information and tools for the broad array of areas that infection prevention professionals are involved in. Tools and insights from the Joint Commission are helpful for program improvements. This book provides a nice overview of a variety of topics that often get overlooked, and I was delighted that it doesn't just cover the physical aspects of the environment of care.
The audience is infection prevention and control (IPC) professionals, although the book includes references and tools for those in other disciplines that IPC professionals closely work with. The book meets the basic needs of individuals working in variety of areas in infection prevention. The Joint Commission is undeniably a credible authority on the topic of environment of care and this book provides a starting point for further discovery about each of the topics.
The book addresses the majority of items that relate to the environment of care from utility systems, construction, and sterilization that have unintentional impacts on infectious diseases or healthcare-acquired infections. One of the best aspects of the book is the section on performance improvement, which is crucial to any Joint Commission accredited facility and is key for measuring successes and shortcomings of programs. The new topics in this edition are valuable in program development. These are areas that IPC professionals don't necessary manage, but that play a critical supportive role. There are some evaluation tools in almost every section of the book that are extraordinarily useful. The book doesn't cover much on occupational health or public health influences on the environment of care. In addition, it would be ideal to see each of the chapter topics have their own book, because although this book does cover each one, it could leave readers wanting more information and insight from the organization.
This book examines a considerable number of topics that are useful for IPC professionals. It is exhilarating to gain insights from the Joint Commission for an area that is a comprehensive focus of their accreditation process. Overall, this is an exciting resource, although other books produced by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) provide more in-depth checklists and tools on similar topics. Because of the topics new to this edition, it is essential to replace the previous edition. My hope for future editions is that the Joint Commission plunges more deeply into these topics with more tools.
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