Pediatric Nutrition, 8th Edition

ISBN: 9781610023603
ISBN-10: 1610023609
Copyright: 2020
Edition: 8th
Editor: Kleinman, Ronald E., Greer, Frank R. ,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 73
Reviewer: Amy Hess Fischl,  MS RDN LDN BC-ADM CDCES  (University of Chicago Medical Center)
This eighth edition of a book on pediatric nutrition is updated from the 2013 edition to incorporate current pediatric nutrition guidelines in health and chronic disease. It also includes useful resources for nutrition and public health. Similar to the previous edition, it has a large number of tables and figures for easy access to key information.
The book is "meant to serve as a current and integrated resource for practicing clinicians to provide an understanding of the fundamental role of nutrients in human metabolism." Since every healthcare professional who sits in front of a patient will inevitably be asked nutrition-related questions, having a resource that can give quick, easy guidance is needed.
The audience is practicing clinicians, and since the book comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics, specifically pediatricians. There are plenty of books and resources available on specific topics, so this book may not be useful for those specializing in a particular field, but rather generalists who need access to a wide variety of topics. For pediatricians and generalists, it meets these needs.
The 52 chapters are grouped into seven sections, following a typical path of knowledge -- starting with the basics of nutrition and building to chronic conditions. Each chapter has an introduction, resources, and additional recommendations to find further information. This book covers a lot of topics, and the majority of the chapters present the basic information needed, but several chapters give a great deal of information. The sports nutrition chapter has 13 tables, from an overview of exercise metabolism to a summary of performance enhancing substances and their effects and safety concerns, as well as very practical information to use when speaking with patients. The book also has 17 appendixes on topics such as human milk versus infant formula, and various tables such as nutrient content of foods and growth charts. While it cannot be expected that each chapter will include all the details needed for ongoing care, it does get the conversation started and points readers in the right direction to obtain more information or refer to a registered dietitian.
This updated edition is a needed replacement since much has changed in the five years since the previous one. This book can serve nicely for practicing generalist pediatric clinicians who need general information to start the nutrition conversation with their patients.
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