Spanish for Pediatric Medicine: A Practical Communication Guide, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781610021388
ISBN-10: 161002138X
Copyright: 2019
Edition: 3rd
Author: Machtinger, Edward L., Nigrovic, Peter A.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 92
Reviewer: Maria Echeverria-Raddatz,  BA  (Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital)
This is a practical guide for medical staff who are not proficient in Spanish to help them communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients and families. The previous edition was published in 2010.
The purpose is to provide an enhanced practical guide to communication between healthcare professionals and their Spanish-speaking patients. This book is basically intended to help physicians for a short time, until qualified Spanish interpreters arrive. The book is needed for physician offices, even if the provider's Spanish is good or average. This book is easy to use and helpful -- it comes in very handy.
This book is appropriate for any health providers -- students, fellows, residents, attendings, APNs -- who have Spanish speaking patients. Language can be a barrier to communicating what both provider and family have to say and ask. The book covers different specialties as well as different ages of children.
The book is well structured and organized by patient age and hospital/clinic department. The English questions/statements appear in white while the translation into Spanish is in gray. It is very easy to differentiate content and meaning in both languages. The book is small and handy with the look of a journal/notebook. The book is well organized, but it could use some color highlights in areas such as emergency care. The glossary and the appendixes are very helpful.
This book will be useful for the intended audience. However, there's a great need for qualified/certified Spanish medical interpreters to be available at a moment's notice. We all know that medical interpretation should always be done by medical interpreters and not by staff members who, despite speaking Spanish, are not certified. It's important to have high standards for interpreting in medicine.
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