AM:STARs: LGBTQ Youth: Enhancing Care for Gender and Sexual Minorities

ISBN: 9781610021364
ISBN-10: 1610021363
Copyright: 2018
Edition: 1st
Editor: Forcier, Michelle, Brown, Joanna D., Brown, Robert T.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 92
Reviewer: Karyn Gerstle,  MD, MPH  (University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine)
This is a thorough overview of medical, psychosocial, and cultural topics affecting the LGBTQ youth community. Tables are used effectively on occasion to provide a summary or checklists that may be useful to primary care providers who have LGBTQ youth as patients. There are very few pictures or other graphics.
The purpose is to provide a guide to caring for LGBTQ youth in the primary care setting. This is certainly pertinent given current events -- gender neutral bathrooms, same sex marriage, equality in the work and school environment -- to name a few. It is important to have a baseline knowledge of these topics, especially in the light of the new data on LGBTQ health that will be provided based on improvements in population data collection outlined by HealthyPeople2020. This book hits on all the major concerns that may come up in the primary care setting, including family dynamics, sexual health, and discrimination.
This is a great guide for practitioners. Although it may be most relevant to primary care providers who have long-term relationships with LGBTQ patients, all clinicians, regardless of specialty, have LGBTQ patients, thus all would benefit from the guidance this book provides. Different authors contribute to each chapter of the book, and all have a special interest in this topic, either as leaders in the field of adolescent health, or as clinicians in family or primary care who have contributed to public health research related to LGBTQ health.
I was impressed by the emphasis on psychosocial health of LGBTQ youth. This book focuses a lot on the comorbidities associated with individuals who are going through challenges related to being both an adolescent and being LGBTQ. The book also acknowledges the fact that LGBTQ children are sometimes forced to grow up more quickly because they have to address aspects about themselves that make them unique at a younger age than some of their peers.
This book is unique compared to other literature on adolescent and LGBTQ health in that it takes a more humanistic approach to addressing this population's healthcare needs. Other books have been heavy on the technical aspects of hormone therapy and surgical affirming surgery. This book focuses more on general clinicians' interactions with these adolescents.
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