Red Book Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781610020602
ISBN-10: 161002060X
Copyright: 2017
Edition: 3rd
Editor: Baker, Carol J.
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 100
Reviewer: Shirley Delair,  MD, MPH  (Children's Hospital & Medical Center)
This pictorial reference presents a broad range of common and atypical pediatric infections in concise disease summaries compiled from the AAP Red Book: 2015 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, 30th edition (American Academy of Pediatrics). It distinguishes itself, however, in the breadth and depth of the colorful images that illustrate each disease.
This is an ideal educational yet practical tool for students, residents, and practicing providers on the ward or in the office searching for a quick visual guide to the diverse and complex infections in children.
This atlas is ideal not just for students who seek visual learning tools, but also for residents and fellows who are involved in the care of children. It allows them to view common and atypical findings that may no longer be seen due to the advances of preventive medicine. Practicing clinicians in inpatient and outpatient pediatric settings will find this a useful resource that can help their management of infections in children.
The book's organization allows readers to review infections by etiologic agent in alphabetical order. The general chapter outline includes a detailed section on clinical findings, an overview of the etiologic agent, relevant epidemiology, useful diagnostic tests, and concise treatment recommendations. A nice feature is a dedicated incubation period section for quick review in each chapter. The colorful, high-resolution illustrations include an impressive collection of clinically relevant patient pictures, diagnostic imaging, organism slides and plates, maps, graphs, and tables that complete the disease presentation in a captivating display. A thorough index lets readers search for diseases by key clinical findings.
This is a practical compilation of high-resolution, clinically relevant illustrations with concise summaries of common and atypical pediatric infections. It is suitable for students, residents, and fellows wishing to familiarize themselves with visual findings of infectious diseases and for pediatric and family physicians who often need a quick review while in their busy practice. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners who care for children will find this guide helpful to their practice as well. Although these illustrations are visible online with a subscription through the AAP, perusing the print version is more enjoyable, given its high quality display.
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