Hall's Critical Decisions in Periodontology and Dental Implantology, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781607950462
ISBN-10: 1607950464
Copyright: 2013
Edition: 5th
Editors: Harpenau, Lisa A., Kao, Richard T., Lundergan, William P., Sanz, Mariano,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 77
Reviewer: Janet Southerland,  DDS, MPH, PhD  (The University of Texas Medical Branch)
This is a guide to decision making in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment planning for periodontal disease and dental implantology. The book's 12 parts cover clinical examination through initial resective and adjunctive periodontal therapy, dental implants, and esthetic and occlusal concerns. A series of decision trees help practitioners determine the best treatment plans. This edition has been expanded to include topics that reflect the changes and advances in periodontal regeneration, esthetics, and implants since the previous edition was published in1998.
The purpose is to streamline the clinical examination and provide an aid to diagnosis in clinical situations routinely seen in practice. In addition, the authors wanted to update and expand the information to include topics relevant to modern, state-of-the-art dental practice. The book is useful, presenting algorithms to assist dental providers in using a logical model in the approach to diagnosis and treatment plans for periodontal and implant therapy. The book meets these objectives, but does not always provide an in-depth discussion of the topic, instead giving an introduction or overview.
This is intended as a reference for dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, and those preparing for specialty boards. The book is divided into color coded sections that should prove useful and relevant for all groups. The authors have assembled experts with a broad level of expertise across various disciplines as contributors.
The book covers a wide range of topics related to the diagnosis and treatment planning for periodontal disease and implants. It describes types of surgical and nonsurgical adjunctive therapies, as well as classification of disease, esthetics, and occlusion. The authors have done a great job of organizing the information. The algorithms for approaches to care and the photography are well done and very helpful for visualizing and planning appropriate treatment. Some of the chapters are very short, and perhaps could have been combined to decrease the volume of the material and provide a more integrated approach to the discussion of a topic.
This is a well-organized, comprehensive overview of periodontology and implantology. The authors present a unique approach, using decision trees to guide practitioners through the evaluation and treatment planning process. Readers are easily able to find information on a specific topic using the color guide, and the pictures and illustrations are of good quality. Compared to others in the field, this book provides a good overview and is helpful in decision-making, but is not a particularly good procedure-based, how-to reference. This edition provides current information on many of the changes that have taken place in implantology and periodontology since the previous edition was published.
Review Questionnaire
Range Question Score
1-10 Are the author's objectives met? 6
1-10 Rate the worthiness of those objectives. 8
1-5 Is this written at an appropriate level? 5
1-5 Is there significant duplication? (1=significant, 5=insignificant) 2
1-5 Are there significant omissions? (1=significant, 5=insignificant) 3
1-5 Rate the authority of the authors. 4
1-5 Are there sufficient illustrations? 3
1-5 Rate the pedagogic value of the illustrations. 4
1-5 Rate the print quality of the illustrations. 4
1-5 Are there sufficient references? 5
1-5 Rate the currency of the references. 5
1-5 Rate the pertinence of the references. 4
1-5 Rate the helpfulness of the index. 5
1-5 If important in this specialty, rate the physical appearance of the book 5
1-10 Is this a worthwhile contribution to the field? 6
1-10 If this is a 2nd or later edition, is this new edition needed? 8