The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists

ISBN: 9781599409399
ISBN-10: 1599409399
Copyright: 2016
Edition: 1st
Author: The Joint Commission,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 100
Reviewer: Joann Badget,  DNP (c), RN  (James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital)
This is, quite literally, a big book of checklists from Joint Commission Resources for many hospital assessments and improvements. The book is organized and easy to navigate, and the checklists are defined and described in categories: assessment, decision, evaluation, procedure, and to-do. Hospitals seeking accreditation from The Joint Commission will find this an invaluable resource. The book includes a flash drive so any organization can customize, produce, share, and print all of the checklists.
The purpose is to support healthcare organizational improvement by promoting an understanding of the use of standardized checklists. The book defines and describes the endless applications and uses of the various checklists. It includes a short and simple how-to guide on implementation to reduce resistance by end users. The introduction is a simple definition of how to use the book effectively and efficiently in patient care settings. It encourages end-user feedback to sustain engagement and implementation. The book meets its intended objective with standardized yet customizable checklists.
The audience encompasses various professionals in the healthcare environment from the quality team to clinical practitioners. These checklists and templates are written with experience to guide improvements in meeting The Joint Commission Standards and National Patient Safety Goals for all eight accreditation programs and settings: Ambulatory Health Care (AHC), Behavioral Health Care (BHC), Critical Access Hospital (CAH), Hospital (HAP), Laboratory (LAB), Nursing Care Centers (NCC), Office-Based Surgery Practices (OBS), and Home Care (OME).
In addition to an interactive and guided checklist for a wide variety of healthcare requirements and needs, the book is also a springboard for healthcare organizations to develop and create other checklists not found in the book. The best part is that it comes with a jump drive -- every template and checklist in the book is accompanied by a customizable electronic template. Yay!! What an efficient time saver for any setting. The book comes with permission to duplicate the templates with the simple advice to cite the book as a reference. The book, clearly, describes vetting and research on the success of the checklists, but the success is still dependent on the organizational leadership implementing their use.
This is a very exciting resource. It will be a useful asset for any healthcare organization willing to invest the time in using it. It compares quite favorably to other checklist resources, and it is well organized, easy to follow, easy to read, and easy to use.
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