Compounding Sterile Preparations, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781585284849
ISBN-10: 158528484X
Copyright: 2018
Edition: 4th
Editor: Buchanan, E. Clyde, Schneider, Philip J., Forrey, Ryan A.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 77
Reviewer: Rahmat Talukder,  PhD, RPh  (The University of Texas at Tyler)
With an additional six chapters, this fourth edition of a well-referenced book presents pertinent guidelines and information from a variety of sources on sterile compounding practice. The previous edition was published in 2009.
The objective is to provide a comprehensive reference on good sterile compounding practice based on recently adopted guidelines. In recent years, due to serious errors in extemporaneous compounding of sterile preparations, there have been fatalities and significant patient safety incidents, which led to revisions of the guidelines. The responsibility of ensuring patient medication safety rests with pharmacists, who are required to follow current guidelines and good compounding practice. This objective is critical to pharmacy practice.
The audience is pharmacy students, technicians, and practitioners. The authors draw on their extensive teaching and practice experience in presenting this book.
This edition has maintained its quality, both in content and in presentation. The 32 chapters are organized into two parts. A chapter on standards for compounded sterile preparations discusses the role of various agencies that are engaged in enforcing standards for pharmacies and pharmacists who compound sterile preparations. A new chapter on sterile compounding technology offers an overview of the available types of technology used in sterile compounding, which should be helpful in making decisions about the selection of automation systems. A new but short chapter on considerations in compounding biologics should be useful for the audience. The book also adequately discusses primary and secondary engineering controls. The new chapter on considerations in pediatric compounding will serve as a ready reference to readers. Four appendixes, especially the one that presents ASHP Guidelines on Compounding Sterile Preparations, are useful. There are many helpful tables and illustrations throughout the book, but the quality of reproduction of all photographs is poor. Some additional features might have enhanced the book, such as adding challenging cases to reinforce readers' understanding, including learning objectives in each chapter, and listing important concepts in key concept boxes. The chapter on aseptic techniques could be expanded further. Finally, the topics/chapters could be arranged in a more logical manner. For example, it is not clear why primary and secondary engineering controls are presented in two different parts of the book.
Sterile compounding is an integral part of various healthcare facilities. Although the majority of sterile products are prepared using commercially available ingredients, institutional and many compounding pharmacies still perform extemporaneous compounding, which requires special facilities and techniques. Because of the recent fatalities from errors in compounded sterile preparations, various agencies have been involved with enforcing updated guidelines and good compounding practices for pharmacists and pharmacies that are engaged in this practice. There are a few other books related to this subject, but none can be considered an excellent resource. This book has many shortcomings, which hopefully are addressed in the next edition, but, nevertheless, it will be useful to its target audience.
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