Fundamentals of Law for Health Informatics and Information Management

ISBN: 9781584265306
ISBN-10: 1584265302
Copyright: 2017
Edition: 3rd
Author: Brodnik, Melanie S., Rinehart-Thompson, Laurie A., Reynolds, Rebecca B.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 82
Reviewer: David Liebovitz,  MD  (University of Chicago Medicine)
Without presupposing significant field-specific knowledge, this book provides an introduction to the complex topic of legal issues in health information management. The book includes nice, consistent organization elements, such as questions to check knowledge. The answers, together with additional test questions, are included in the online resources for students. Additional resources are provided for instructors. The previous edition was published in 2012.
The purpose is to provide a basic introduction to the basics of applicable laws in health information management. These are worthy and complex objectives, given the array of legal requirements, and this book is clearly needed along with regular updates. The print book has a nice index and glossary. The student online resources include study questions, which add some value. Online access to the full text (with updates given the changing nature of this field) would have been a helpful addition. Given the extensive topics it covers and the background it provides, the book meets its objectives.
It is intended for students in fields related to health information management. Nice examples, potential workflow diagrams, and cases are used to highlight important concepts. This book meets the needs of the intended audience, with the caveat that access to updated resources as laws related to health information management evolve would be a useful addition. The authors are credible experts based on their work on prior editions and professional roles in directly related fields.
This book covers important aspects of the laws surrounding health information management. This topic is broad, and the book covers most elements at consistent and reasonable depth extending from the U.S. legal system, privacy, and confidentiality to ethics, apology statutes, compliance, patient safety, and workplace law. The writing is consistent and clear. The index provides ready access to key terms. The website for students provides answers to questions that are interspersed in the chapters. Primary shortcomings are related to the changing nature of this field; practically speaking, some topics need to be assessed even shortly after the book's publication, given the dynamic nature of the field.
Overall, this is a necessarily recurring update on the complex topic of laws surrounding health information management in the United States. Given the clear nature of the chapters, along with a glossary, this is a useful reference for students entering this field. For established professionals, it may provide a refresh on selected topics, although access to real-time updates on the status of any pending regulations would be a helpful addition.
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