Antibodies for Infectious Diseases

ISBN: 9781555817350
ISBN-10: 1555817351
Copyright: 2015
Edition: 1st
Editor: Crowe, James E., Jr., Boraschi, Diana, Rappuoli, Rino,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 97
Reviewer: Kari Neemann,  MD  (Children's Hospital)
This is an excellent, up-to-date review from leading researchers on the historical, current, and possible future research into the role of antibody therapy in clinical infectious diseases. The book has been well researched and the accompanying tables and figures are well constructed.
The editors, who are all experts in their fields, set out to provide a survey of the most important aspects of the use of antibodies for infectious diseases. To accomplish this, they structured the book in a way to present a general review of antibody function as well as the natural historical progression of the field, leading to current and future endeavors.
Because the book does such an excellent job of providing both a basic, general review of immunoglobulins and the laboratory techniques used to reproduce them, readers ranging from students to established researchers and healthcare professionals should feel comfortable with it.
The book initially provides a basic biological and historical review of immunoglobulins and their role in clinical infectious diseases. It then builds on that knowledge to discuss pathogen-specific advances that have been made and are currently underway. Lastly, it ends with a discussion of further developments and research opportunities in the field. The section on current development of pathogen-specific antibodies is comprehensive and, from a clinical standpoint, is quite intriguing. The many well-made tables and figures supplement the text and chapters are extensively referenced.
The editors provide a well-researched, current survey of the field of antibodies for infectious diseases. Although quite detailed and scientific at times, the book is appropriate for learners at various levels.
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