Oral Microbiology and Immunology, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781555816735
ISBN-10: 1555816738
Copyright: 2014
Edition: 2nd
Editors: Lamont, Richard J., Hajishengallis, George N., Jenkinson, Howard F.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 96
Reviewer: Janet Southerland,  DDS, MPH, PhD  (The University of Texas Medical Branch)
This is an extensive overview of oral microbiology and immunology. The book covers oral structures to the immune system, colonizing organisms, and microbial physiology, as well as genetics and applied microbiology techniques used in identifying and studying the oral environment. The first edition was published seven years ago.
The purpose is to provide the basic facts as well as ecological and biological context as they relate to the world of microbiology and immunology. In addition, the goals are to help dental practitioners and clinical scientists understand the basic science underlying oral health and disease in order for such knowledge to be translated into future health improvements. With a paradigm shift in healthcare focusing on an oral and systemic health connection, the objectives of the authors are quite relevant and timely.
The book is written for dental practitioners and other healthcare providers, clinical scientists, students, or residents. It is a great overview and review of oral microbiology and immunology for this audience and for other scientists who might be interested in gaining a better understanding of the oral microbial environment and its impact on oral health and pathology. The authors are highly credentialed and they have amassed an equally qualified group of accomplished contributors.
In addition to covering all aspects of oral microbiology and immunology, the book also includes a comprehensive review of microbial physiology, genetics, immunology, dental disease, oral virology, and fungal infections. It also provides information on control of dental diseases through various mechanisms including infection control. The book includes a number of high quality illustrations, diagrams, and photographs to complement the discussion. The book has a unique design in that there is an outline of the content at the beginning of each chapter. Also, key points along with further reading are included at the end of the chapter. These features are very helpful in reviewing the information and provide additional references that will assist readers in understanding the information presented. The book is well organized, up to date, and comprehensive.
This book covers the ecology, physiology, molecular biology, immunogenicity, and virulence of oral bacteria, viruses, and fungi as described by the authors. The information is in depth and current. The discussion of biofilms and microbiomes, as well as the role of molecular biology and applied molecular techniques in microbial identification and pathogenic mechanisms, makes this essential reading for teaching and understanding oral microbiology and immunology.
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