Food Allergy

ISBN: 9781555813758
ISBN-10: 1555813755
Copyright: 2006
Edition: 1st
Editors: Maleki, Soheila J., Burks, A. Wesley, Helm, Ricki M.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 81
Reviewer: Ron Purcell,  MD  (University of South Florida College of Medicine)
The author presents a multidisciplinary review of recent findings and ongoing research regarding food allergy. Discussions of the food processing industry, clinical research, and basic immunology are presented in a single source.
This book provides an up-to-date account of molecular and immunologic mechanisms of food allergy from a variety of viewpoints. An extensive group of experts from the fields of biochemistry, bioinformatics, industry, and immunology provide a unique perspective on areas of food allergy not generally addressed in the clinical arena. Areas of research as diverse as GI tract immunology, proteonomics and genomics of known food allergens are covered in detail. Clinical management of food allergy is covered but not emphasized.
Although sections covering clinical management of food allergy are in depth, the allergist/immunologist will not encounter much new information that is not covered elsewhere. The book is geared toward the physician researcher or non-physician scientist working in the field of food allergy who wishes to have multifaceted account of the current knowledge of food allergy.
Each of the book's five sections addresses a distinct area of food allergy and features in-depth discussions that are well referenced. In addition to the clinical aspects of food allergy, ongoing research in potential treatment and prevention of food allergy is covered. Notable chapters include the discussion of an integrated database of allergenic protein amino acid sequences and the use of animal models to study food allergy. Sections reviewing food industry and government efforts to improve the safety of commercially prepared foods are well written and informative.
Addressing the increasing problem of food allergy requires a multidisciplinary approach involving clinical medicine, science, and industry. This in-depth account of recent findings and ongoing research in the field of food allergy integrates current knowledge from these fields. The allergist/immunologist with a specific interest in food allergy and non-physician scientists working in the field will find this book to be a highly detailed and useful reference.
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