Antimicrobial Agents: Antibacterials and Antifungals

ISBN: 9781555812379
ISBN-10: 1555812376
Copyright: 2005
Edition: 1st
Editor: Bryskier, Andre
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 95
Reviewer: Rebecca Horvat,  PhD, D(ABMM)  (University of Kansas Medical Center)
This is a comprehensive reference on antibiotics and antifungal agents. The chapters are arranged in a systematic fashion and cover each class of antibiotics as well as the mechanism of antibiotic resistance.
According to the author, the purpose is to "bring together as much information as possible on the subject of antimicrobial agents." He has accomplished this purpose and this is a remarkable reference book! I am not aware of another publication with so much information on antimicrobial agents.
This is a book that should be used by all individuals studying, testing, or prescribing antibiotics. The authors studiously explain each antibiotic by structure, function, metabolic activity, and antimicrobial mechanism of action. They also look at the antibiotic from the bacterial view, thus explaining how antibiotic resistance occurs. In addition, new drugs under development are evaluated by comparison with antibiotics currently in use. This is a treasure trove of useful information.
This book will become the ultimate reference for understanding antibiotics. The first few chapters summarize the history of antibiotic development and the different antibiotic classes. The remaining chapters systematically detail the various classes of antibiotics. Numerous figures show the structure of the antimicrobial molecules and how the structure is modified as new agents are generated. As I read through the first chapters, I was reminded again of the great miracle that antibiotics provide to mankind and the great scientists that committed themselves to this endeavor. We must use the information in this book to go forward with the struggle to overcome bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
This is a second edition of a book that was first published in French. I would highly recommend to the large audience of scientists who study antimicrobial agents. As we move from the era of antibiotic development to antibiotic resistance, a complete understanding of these agents and the history behind their development is needed. This book will become the "go-to" reference for researchers, pharmacists, pharmacologists, microbiologists, and infectious disease physicians as we struggle to fight antibiotic resistance.
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