Oral Cancer, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781550092158
ISBN-10: 1550092154
Copyright: 2003
Edition: 5th
Editor: Silverman, Sol, Jr.
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 91
Reviewer: Fong Wong,  BSD, DDS, MSD  (University of Florida College of Dentistry)
This is an updated edition of a book that provides a multidisciplinary approach to prevention, diagnosis, treatment of oral cancer. The previous edition was published in 2002.
The purpose is to provide a comprehensive reference for all dental clinicians. Information is provided on the biological and epidemiologic aspects of oral cancer and its prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as on the psychosocial and economic aspects of the disease. These objectives are met in this detailed book that reviews examples of clinical cases using informative color figures.
This book is written for all dental practitioners who will benefit from the concentrated and comprehensive of oral cancer textbook. The dental practitioner is usually the first clinician consulted for general oral complaints. The authors and editor are credible authorities.
The book is intended as a clinically oriented guide for most dental practitioners. The first eight chapters focus on squamous cell carcinoma; the etiology, diagnosis, and management of other solid tumors; and leukemias, lymphomas, salivary, sarcoma, and HIV-associated oral malignancies. A CD-ROM is included with the complete text and illustrations of the book, in fully searchable PDF files.
The authors present an educational resource based on currently accepted practice. The book is well written and is enhanced by many clear color figures in the examples of clinical cases. The goal is to provide a guide for detecting oral cancers and understanding their etiology and treatment.
Review Questionnaire
Range Question Score
1-10 Are the author's objectives met? 10
1-10 Rate the worthiness of those objectives. 8
1-5 Is this written at an appropriate level? 5
1-5 Is there significant duplication? (1=significant, 5=insignificant) 5
1-5 Are there significant omissions? (1=significant, 5=insignificant) 3
1-5 Rate the authority of the authors. 5
1-5 Are there sufficient illustrations? 5
1-5 Rate the pedagogic value of the illustrations. 5
1-5 Rate the print quality of the illustrations. 5
1-5 Are there sufficient references? 5
1-5 Rate the currency of the references. 5
1-5 Rate the pertinence of the references. 5
1-5 Rate the helpfulness of the index. 3
1-5 If important in this specialty, rate the physical appearance of the book 4
1-10 Is this a worthwhile contribution to the field? 10
1-10 If this is a 2nd or later edition, is this new edition needed? 8