Nursing Care Plans: Transitional Patient and Family Centered Care, 7th Edition

ISBN: 9781496349262
ISBN-10: 1496349261
Copyright: 2017
Edition: 7th
Author: Carpenito, Lynda Juall
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 87
Reviewer: Linda  Connelly,  PhD, DNP,, MSH, CNS ARNP, CNOR  (University of North Florida Brooks College of Health)
This seventh edition of a book on how to develop nursing care plans includes a new nursing care planning tool. The website provides access to additional resources such as articles, case studies, and tutor slides. The previous edition was published in 2014.
The purpose, according to the author, is to provide a framework for plans for nursing care, to include guidelines for documentation in order for nurses to communicate the care to the patient and the family. The online version enhances the delivery of the material and could be helpful to practicing nurses and student nurses in the clinical setting where the nursing care plans are implemented.
The intended audience is student nurses and practicing nurses who are in acute care settings.
The book focuses on nursing care plans that can assist student nurses with critical decision making, including nursing responsibilities and the resources needed to carry out the care. The book assists nurses and students in organizing collaborative care in the acute care setting. One unique feature is the inclusion of family-centered care along with individual care. The inclusion of defining characteristics, related factors, and treatment in an outline format makes it easy to review and apply to patients.
New to this edition is a nursing care plan template which students just learning could find very useful. I am concerned that the NCLEX-RN examination will not be using the nursing diagnosis in testing; it will be using patient problems. This book does a nice job of covering collaborative care.
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