Evidence-Based Practice: An Integrative Approach to Research, Administration, and Practice, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781284206517
ISBN-10: 1284206513
Copyright: 2022
Edition: 3rd
Editor: Hall, Heather R., Roussel, Linda A.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 86
Reviewer: Lynne Kuhl,  MSN, RN  (Viterbo University)
This third edition updates the 2017 focus on how scholarly research drives evidence-based practice and quality improvement and its translation in health care. The authors have drawn from an array of expert contributors providing students and instructors with user-friendly content and resources.
The authors have provided a well-outlined book that is focused on taking graduate level nursing students through well-designed models and frameworks of evidence-based practice, connection to quality improvement and translation, and application of findings and experiences to health care. This approach adds to scholarship and expected rigor of the DNP or graduate nurse and implementation of the science of nursing. The design is built on foundational content with care to address gaps in knowledge by developing skills in the leaner through asking clinical questions, finding the best research evidence and synthesis, and analysis of findings. Innovation, process change, as well as team approach are stressed. These considerations provide a solid learning platform for today's graduate nurse.
The authors clearly outline that this book is for DNPs and doctoral-level nursing students to guide them through evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and translation to practice. The text provides clear direction and thoughtful flow including examples of projects with exemplars that demonstrate the process of translation. The authors and contributors are educators and scholars in both academic and practice settings.
Among the many features in this book to assist graduate nursing students through critical appraisal of research to supportive scholarship, translation to practice, and clinical implications. Each chapter provides "detailed, specific information on the targeted areas" focused at enhancing scholarship and understanding of the learning. Chapters include objectives, key ideas, and reflective activities to enhance learning. Tables, diagrams, an index, and a rich source of references add to the text and the learners' experience. A key highlight is the inclusion of international and interdisciplinary colleagues broadening the learners' understanding and insight. An area of consideration is in references provided as some sources may be considered not current.
This book provides useful tools for practice and scholarship and can act as a guide and resource for graduate nursing students. It offers a framework and process for learning and is "thick" with content. The authors accurately state that this text is "user friendly and filled with great examples, tools and reflective questions." The additions included in the third edition enhance the previous work of the book and are pertinent to the current educational and practice needs of the DNP, PhD, or graduate nurse role.
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