Guide to Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Practice, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781284104325
ISBN-10: 128410432X
Copyright: 2018
Edition: 4th
Author: Jewell, Dianne V.
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 88
Reviewer: Monique Serpas,  PT, DPT, OCS  (Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System)
This book explains research applicable to rehabilitation and provides guidance in finding, appraising, and applying research to clinical practice. This update includes new cases for each chapter that demonstrate the concepts, a new chapter on qualitative research studies, and expanded coverage of clinical practice guidelines. The section on most commonly used electronic search engines is also updated.
The purpose, according to the author, is to provide "foundational groundwork in research methods" and teach physical therapy students and practicing clinicians how to integrate evidence in their practice. With physical therapy research growing and changing, the need for clinicians and future clinicians to understand how to digest and apply research is great. The book successfully covers each step of evidence-based physical therapist practice and the website complements the book.
The audience includes current and future clinicians. The cases at the beginning of each chapter are practical examples of evidence-based practice. For current clinicians, the book is a sound reference and easier to read than some other books on the subject.
The book has four parts that cover the principles of evidence-based practice, elements of evidence, appraising the evidence, and applying it in practice. It includes updated information about online tools including PubMed's "My NCBI" and APTA's "PT Now." It also has helpful checklists for appraising evidence based on the type of evidence, such as interventional studies.
As evidence and the way it is organized and consumed continue to evolve, regular updates are needed. This fourth edition includes current information about how to find evidence as well as thoughts on placing value on different types of research for clinical practice. It is a reference for practicing clinicians as well as a comprehensive introduction to evidence-based practice for future clinicians. A useful addition to the book would have been information on citation managers and tips on how to organize clinical evidence. Overall, however, this is a useful book that fulfills its intended purpose.
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