The American Cancer Society's Oncology in Practice: Clinical Management

ISBN: 9781118517642
ISBN-10: 1118517644
Copyright: 2018
Edition: 1st
Editor: The American Cancer Society,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 100
Reviewer: Ravi Salgia,  MD, PhD  (City of Hope)
Applying the principles of multidisciplinary care to specific forms of cancer, this book focuses on summarizing the population burden, disease risk factors, screening and diagnosis, and follow-up and survivorship considerations.
A major motivation for this scholarly work is to detail recent developments in oncology practice and clinical management for those who are new to the field or to a particular aspect of multidisciplinary cancer control, as well as for experienced practitioners who have not had a chance to update themselves.
This is a valuable guide for everyone interested/involved in cancer care, especially from a clinical perspective, regardless of whether they are experienced clinicians, interns, fellows or students, or related healthcare providers.
This impressive book, written by cancer experts from the leading cancer centers and institutes across the U.S., contains 47 chapters covering all major cancers conveniently grouped into 14 sections. Each of the first 12 sections, which encompass 43 of the 47 chapters, focuses on cancers mostly by organ type. The last two sections deal with cancers of unknown primary, paraneoplastic syndromes and peritoneal carcinomas, and pediatric and adolescent oncology. Each chapter, aside from being well organized and well presented, is written in an easy-to-understand style and more from a practical point of view. Each chapter also includes an appropriate number of color illustrations/pictomicrographs and tables, and an impressive bibliography referencing the original literature, making this a comprehensive reference as well.
This is an excellent contribution from an authoritative and well respected professional body in oncology and is a must have for everyone in the field. It also is a great companion to The American Cancer Society's Principles of Oncology: Prevention to Survivorship (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018)
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