Periodontal Surgery: A Clinical Atlas

ISBN: 9780867153774
ISBN-10: 0867153776
Copyright: 2000
Edition: 1st
Author: Sato, Naoshi
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 71
Reviewer: Rodrigue Barakat,  DMD  (Loyola University Medical Center)
This is an atlas of periodontal surgery with an emphasis on contemporary regenerative procedures.
The purpose is to demonstrate how regenerative procedures, combined with fundamental periodontal surgery techniques, can achieve an easily maintained environment and esthetic enhancement, therefore improving the general clinical outcome.
The book is written by a periodontist and is oriented towards periodontists, general practitioners, and postdoctoral students.
This book was first written in 1997 and then translated into English for this edition. It is divided into six chapters. A main emphasis is placed on regeneration techniques. However, there is a chapter solely dedicated to esthetic periodontal surgery. All chapters incorporate the implant aspect. The pages are mainly composed of photographic plates and illustrative drawings that illustrate step-by-step the details of the procedures. Inserted between the different procedures is a discussion of the techniques presented.
This atlas of periodontal surgery illustrates in detail most of the latest techniques used in periodontal surgery. The table of contents is organized in a comprehensible manner that allows the reader to promptly get the information needed. The images are clear. Each case is well documented; it permits the reader to understand the procedure in details. The book covers techniques that are known and widely used as well as uncommon techniques. For the reader who requires more detailed information there are multiple references.
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