Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9780826140029
ISBN-10: 0826140025
Copyright: 2018
Edition: 5th
Author: Oermann, Marilyn H., Shellenbarger, Teresa, Gaberson, Kathleen B.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 65
Reviewer: Jasper Mukwada,  MBA, MSN, FNP-BC, RN   (Michigan State University College of Nursing)
This book describes various concepts of clinical teaching for the pre-licensure through graduate nursing level. It includes strategies and methods instructors can use in the clinical setting that are most effective for student learning. This edition includes exhibits in each chapter highlighting sections of the Certified Nurse Educator Examination Blueprint.
The purpose is to present guidance to instructors on how to teach in a variety of clinical settings while maintaining patient safety and quality care. The materials support the objectives.
The intended audience is full- and part-time faculty and adjunct instructors responsible for teaching nurses and other healthcare workers in clinical environments. The authors are experienced clinical instructors who command both academic and clinical knowledge from years of teaching nursing.
The book's 15 chapters are organized into three sections. Exhibits and summaries highlight the important points in every chapter, and each chapter has references. Chapter 2 is a great resource as it outlines the clinical teaching outcomes in detail and offers critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and clinical reasoning as core concepts for students to master. Useful appendixes end the book. However, the book lacks graphics or color presentations that would make it useful as a quick visual reference.
This is a concise book for clinical instructors and faculty. It is useful for nurse faculty in developing curriculum for clinical settings, but clinical instructors cannot use it as a comprehensive guide.
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