Lutz's Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 7th Edition

ISBN: 9780803668140
ISBN-10: 0803668147
Copyright: 2019
Edition: 7th
Author: Mazur, Erin E., Litch, Nancy A.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 60
Reviewer: Amy Hess Fischl,  MS RDN LDN BC-ADM CDCES  (University of Chicago Medical Center)
This is the seventh edition of a book that covers the basics of nutrition in the context of healthy and acutely and chronically ill individuals. The sixth edition was published in 2014.
The purpose is to provide beginning students with the fundamentals of nutrition in relation to health. There are many similar books on the market used in universities and colleges today. This book highlights as its unique feature its sequential introduction of material, making certain that new concepts are not introduced until the underlying basic science and vocabulary is covered. This feature may make it more attractive to the non-nutrition and dietetics students.
The authors state the book is intended for nursing students, dietetic assistants, diet technicians and "others." This is an appropriate audience since it does cover very basic topics, giving just enough information. One author is a nurse, the other is a registered dietitian nutritionist, and both are qualified to discuss the topics at hand.
The book does a good job covering the basics. The authors state that this book could be used to teach an entire course or as a reference for practitioners. Each chapter includes learning objectives, then a deeper dive into the topics, multiple tables, figures, and text boxes highlighting key subjects, "genomic gems" -- highlights regarding genetics and nutrition, clinical applications in the context of healthcare, keystones or a summary of the key information, case studies with care plans, teamwork -- which builds from the case studies and care plans highlighting chart notes from a team member, typically a dietitian, social worker, or care coordinator, critical thinking questions and clinical analysis multiple-choice questions. The dietitian notes in the teamwork section are a little outdated, since SOAP notes are not part of the Nutrition Care Process. Instead, most dietitian notes follow PES (problem, etiology, signs/symptoms) and are used in conjunction with ADIME (assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring, evaluation). While this is not meant as the be-all, end-all book, there are some outdated references in several of the chapters. The chapter on diet in diabetes and hypoglycemia quotes 2016 reference data, but there is much newer information available with updated recommendations in the Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes.
While there are many basic nutrition textbook options for nursing students, this one may be attractive to some professors since it includes a test bank of over 450 questions. The update does offer the reader solid, basic information regarding nutrition in the context of health.
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