Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780387955148
ISBN-10: 0387955143
Copyright: 2003
Edition: 4th
Editors: Cassel, Christine K., Leipzig, Rosanne M. , Cohen, Harvey Jay, Larson, Eric B., Meier, Diane E.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 74
Reviewer: David Staats,  MD  (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center)
This is a multiauthored textbook of geriatric medicine. Now in its fourth edition, it emphasizes an evidence-based approach to geriatric medicine. The third edition was published in 1997.
Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive review of geriatric medicine, incorporating rapidly expanding new information in the field.
This book is aimed at practicing physicians as well as medical trainees at all levels. The entire team of health professionals caring for older persons will find this book a useful reference.
There are chapters with extensive explanations, and leading the parade is a chapter on the nature of evidence-based medicine. Some of the chapters (e,g., neurobiological basis of dementing disorders) are used as a basis for understanding the advances in the field. Others read like a bibliographic updating in the relevant area, in which the evidence-based domains are not clearly indicated, and which also leave the reader without a clear understanding of the context.
The expertise of individual authors shines through in many places. The thoroughness, pagination, and ease of using the information here maintain this book's status as one of the leading comprehensive textbooks of geriatric medicine.
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