Family Medicine: Principles and Practice, 6th Edition

ISBN: 9780387954004
ISBN-10: 0387954007
Copyright: 2003
Edition: 6th
Editors: Taylor, Robert B., David, Alan K., Fields, Scott A., Phillips, D. Melessa, Scherger, Joseph E.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 98
Reviewer: Donald Frey,  MD  (Creighton University Medical Center)
This is the sixth edition of this comprehensive book that covers the breadth and diversity of family practice. The book continues its strong tradition of a clinically oriented approach directed torwards front line family practitioners.
The book is written as a reference for the broad-ranging knowledge base and clinical responsibilites unique to family practice. Although writing a truly comprehensive book is challenging in any discipline, for family medicine, the task is especially difficult. This work achieves the goal of being a complete reference on family medicine as well as any other book available.
Written for learners at all stages of training, the book delivers its content in a fashion that is user-friendly for all levels of clinical practice. The editors are all noted academic family physicians.
The book once again reviews the basic principles of family practice, with emphasis on prevention and wellness. Sections on specific disease entities are comprehensive and logically constructed. Tables and graphs are used extensively and are stategically placed to facilitate learning and recall. Added chapters on bioterroism and alternative medicine are most welcome and testify to the book's timeliness.
This sixth edition is without question the strongest, most comprehensive version yet. Regrettably, this is the last edition for which Dr. Taylor will serve as editor. This outstanding work will serve not only as an excellent book, but as a tribute and a testament to Dr. Taylor's outstanding contribution to the medical literature.
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