Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780199332342
ISBN-10: 0199332347
Copyright: 2015
Edition: 4th
Editor: Ferrell, Betty R., Coyle, Nessa, Paice, Judith A.,
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 88
Reviewer: Darrell Owens,  DNP, MSN, MS  (University of Washington Medicine)
This is an exceptional resource for all levels of nurses working in the field of palliative care. The book covers a plethora of principles of care from time of diagnosis to end of life and death. The online version is available at no additional charge for one year.
The objective is to highlight the vital role of nurses as part of an integrated palliative care team, and the book covers various care settings, including hospital, ICU, home, and hospice. It focuses on the practical aspects of nursing care, including pain and symptom assessment and management, patient education, family support, psychosocial issues, and spiritual care. The ability to access the online version adds overall value as it allows nurses in the work setting to easily retrieve information useful to their practice. The book does an excellent job of meeting its objectives.
According to the editors, the audience is nurses whose primary practice is palliative care. However, this book would certainly be useful to nursing students, nurses whose primary practice is not palliative care such as those working in the hospital, oncology, cardiology, or long term care settings. It also would be a useful reference for colleagues in social work and spiritual care. The editors are internationally known experts in the field of palliative nursing. The many contributing authors were carefully selected for their experience and prior contributions to the field.
In addition to the general principles of palliative care, the book includes specific information on pain and symptom management, psychosocial support, pediatric palliative care, and international palliative care. Although all of the chapters have valuable information, chapter 5, on communication in palliative care, stands out as exceptional. Communication is a topic that gets little attention in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. This chapter provides case studies, specific examples of questions, and language that are helpful in guiding discussions, as well as tips for conflict resolution. The format of the book allows readers to review or focus on learning about specific, thus making this an excellent reference.
The editors have once again produced an excellent reference. Written and edited by nurses, for nurses, this book is one of the best in the field today. The additional content in this edition makes it a must have for your professional library. There are no other palliative nursing textbooks with this level of information written by so many experts in the field.
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