Insall and Scott Surgery of the Knee, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781437715033
ISBN-10: 1437715036
Copyright: 2012
Edition: 5th
Editor: Scott, W. Norman
Doody's Expert Review    Score: 97
Reviewer: Mark Hutchinson,  MD  (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)
Since its first edition, this book has been the go-to reference for surgery of the knee. It has always been different than most books in that it covers all aspects of the knee, not just sports-related or total joint arthroplasty.
According to the editor, this edition builds on the strong foundation of the four previous editions to provide students with an understanding of the anatomy and physiology as well as the clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic advances in this area to equip them to push the envelope and optimize care of knee surgery patients.
Dr. Scott targets students of the knee, but in the broadest sense possible, including all readers who wish to advance their skills. The latest edition should be a mainstay in every orthopedic library, where it will serve as a key reference for residents, fellows, and surgeons both new to practice and experienced. If you are interested in knee surgery, you should have this book.
In addition to updating the 2006 edition, this edition offers a complete e-version, e-glossary, and video section to take advantage of the current technologies for learning. It also addresses one of the most common criticisms of books in general, that they are quickly outdated. With the electronic version, Dr. Scott promises quarterly updates.
We should all thank Dr. Scott for bringing together an impressive group of leaders in the field to once again create the single most important reference on surgery of the knee. This update should be in every orthopedic library. I, for one, am excited that I will be able to access mine on my computer and iPad wherever I go, without having to carrying the 1,400-page book around.
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