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  Score: 89
Visual Histology DVD Video Series
Title Brochure
ISBN: 978-1-934419-26-7, Volume: 1-26
ISBN-10: 1-934419-26-5
Copyright: 2005
Edition: 1st
Authors: Moran, David T., PhD; Rowley, J. Carter, III, BS
Specialties: Cell Biology/Histology
Series Title: Visual Histology
List Price: $1,500.00
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At A Glance

The best-selling Visual Histology DVD Video Series consists of 26 half-hour-long lucid, entertaining video presentations - each on its own DVD disk - that cover the basic topics of histology. They are available either as a complete set of 26 DVDs or as individual DVD programs. List of individual DVD titles is on the publisher's website.

Each half-hour DVD presentation, narrated by award-winning lecturer Dr. David T. Moran, contains three sections: 1) An introduction describing the basic structure and function of the system; 2) A clear description of a series of high-quality light and electron micrographs that illustrate the topic at hand; and 3) A "Practical Exam" in which Dr. Moran shows histological images, asks the student questions about their structure and function, and then provides detailed answers. The light-microscopic images, all photographed using Zeiss planapochromatic lenses, are stunning.

These high-quality DVD video programs - which simplify a complex subject - are designed both for teaching, self-instruction, and student self-assessment. These popular, proven educational programs are currently in use in over a thousand community colleges, universities, medical schools, dental schools, hospitals, and allied health programs. Presented to the class either before lecture or laboratory by the professor, they provide students with an easy-to-understand orientation to the major topics of histology. Used as a multimedia resource in the learning resource centers of libraries, these 26 DVD video programs allow students to teach themselves the basics of histology. In addition, they provide a valuable resource for advanced students to review histology before examinations.

The Visual Histology DVD Series is also available by annual subscription in "Streaming Video" format that gives an Institution the software and legal right to broadcast these copyrighted materials to their students' computers on the Institution's own server. In addition, the DVD video series is supported by a 300-page text-atlas, "Visual Histology" (also written by Moran and Rowley) that is available as an open resource (at no cost) on the publisher's website at

List Price Individual DVD Titles: $75.00

List Price Entire Set (26 DVDs): $1500.00

This is a set of 26 DVDs. Also offered as institutional site licenses, available by annual subscription, that permit institutions to put all 26 histology DVD programs on their servers in streaming video format.