Thursday, September 20, 2018
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...to the corporate Web site of Doody Enterprises. Founded in January of 1993, our company specializes in timely, targeted information update services for busy healthcare professionals and medical librarians that combine customized weekly literature update emails with content-rich Web sites. 

Doody Enterprises is the most trusted source of timely, expert reviews of newly published books and software in the health sciences. We also provide custom, filtered updates of Medline®, the most comprehensive database of biomedical literature in the world.
To provide these unique information services, Doody Enterprises has forged successful relationships with more than 250 book and software publishers in the health sciences; more than 5,000 academic medical professionals who form our network of expert reviewers; dozens of healthcare societies, institutions and corporations that have purchased site licenses to our services; hundreds of medical libraries that subscribe to our service; and more than 300,000 healthcare professionals.

This Web site is designed for individuals in each of these groups to learn more about Doody Enterprises' services or to link directly to the most appropriate Web site that we have built to serve the information needs of the members of these various groups. Please take a few minutes right now to navigate to the correct page and get acquainted with our products and services and learn how you can take advantage of them. Thanks for stopping by!


Doody's Core Titles 2012 Published! The 9th edition of this essential collection development tool for libraries of all sizes represents the collective wisdom of over 200 health sciences librarians and content experts on the must-have titles in 121 specialties. Visit the Doody's Core Titles web site for more information or to place your order: http://www.doody.com/dct/

Doody’s Core Titles/Doody's Review Service Sponsorship
Doody's Core Titles and Doody's Review Service features sponsors’ ads on all of its web pages.  Click here to read about our sponsorship opportunities!

Catalog Connect for Libraries 
Our newest product, Catalog Connect, links directly from your online catalog to the 100,000 titles and thousands of reviews in the Doody database. Click here to learn more, or click here to watch our Catalog Connect flash video.

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Doody Enterprises specializes in information resources for the healthcare community. To learn more about our services, click here to view our Flash Videos.