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Doody Enterprises, Inc., has become the leading source of authoritative, unbiased, and timely evaluations of newly published health sciences books and software. Key to this success is the wide participation of health sciences publishers in Doody's Book Reviews database. Here’s how Doody Enterprises works with them to develop and maintain the most comprehensive and valuable database of health sciences book and software titles on the Web.

About Doody's Book Reviews™

Since 1993, Doody Enterprises, Inc., has been dedicated to providing timely, filtered medical information and expert commentary to busy healthcare professionals who need to stay abreast of the overwhelming volume of literature and research findings in their specialty areas. Doody's Book Reviews™ database is the Web's most comprehensive database of book and software titles in the health sciences. To learn about Doody's Book Reviews™, click here.

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Health sciences publishers cannot afford not to participate in Doody's Book Reviews™. It costs nothing and the exposure the titles of participating publishers receive is priceless. Click here for a full description of all the benefits participating publishers enjoy.

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Staff at participating publishers enjoy free access to Doody's Book Reviews database, including all reviews. To learn how to register, click on the Doody's Publishers' Club web site.

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Doody’s Core Title (DCT) Sponsorship – First Time Offered
The fifth annual edition of DCT, published in May 2008, for the first time features sponsors’ ads on all of its web pages. This essential collection development tool for health sciences librarians is recognized as the successor to the Brandon/Hill Select Lists, which served the library community for almost 40 years before ceasing publication. Click here to read about our sponsorship opportunities!

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