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Doody Enterprises specializes in providing information update products and services for healthcare and health information professionals.

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  • Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences - Doody's Core Titles is the essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries of all sizes. Over 200 healthcare professionals and medical librarians collaborate to create a new edition every year of Doody's Core Titles, covering 121 specialty areas in the basic sciences, clinical medicine, allied health, nursing, and associated disciplines. For more information...  
  • NEW! - Publishing Services Division - Doody Enterprises, Inc., leverages its nearly 6 decades of publishing experience in the medical marketplace to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for society publishing programs. Services include goals assessment, editorial plan development, production planning, marketing, operational planning and implementation....more information 
  • NEW! - Catalog Connect - Now libraries can enable their patrons to go directly from their online catalog to Doody's database of over 100,000 health sciences and nursing books and electronic resources through a single click. Make available to your customers the power of the combined information of Doody Enterprises, Amazon.com, and Matthews Book Company, all available through a direct link from your record to ours.... more information
  • MedInfoNow - Provides weekly updates for healthcare professionals of the medical book and journal literature, customized to the information interests of each subscriber....more information
  • Doody's Review Service - Now Includes Doody's Core Titles! - Our premiere collection development tool for medical librarians. Doody's Review Service keeps librarians up to date with the latest in books and software in the health sciences with over 2,000 expert reviews added annually. Includes research tools, current awareness tools and collaboration tools that dramatically reduce the time and resources required for collection development.  Make sure you're getting the most for your budget dollar...more information
  • Content Licenses - Provides content providers with access to Doody's Book Reviews or the most popular segment of the database, Doody's Star Ratings®...more information


Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences

Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences, the essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries of all size, takes an innovative approach to creating a core title list. Using online publication systems, the collective judgments of almost 200 content specialists and librarians are distilled into a comprehensive list covering 121 specialties. Titles are selected by the content specialists and librarians, then the librarians score each title and make Essential Purchase recommendations. The result is Doody's Core Titles - and the process is repeated each year.

History of Doody's Core Titles

Doody's Core Titles is the respected successor to the Brandon/Hill Selected Lists, which served as a collection development guide for hospital libraries for 40 years until it ceased publication in 2004. Because of Doody Enterprises' reputation for providing objective, timely, authoritative reviews of newly published health sciences books, librarians, publishers and medical book wholesalers contacted the company after the announcement in April 2004 of the discontinuation of the Brandon/Hill lists to consider publishing a core title list.

At the Annual Meeting of the MLA in Washington, DC, in May 2004, Doody Enterprises announced its plans to introduce the inaugural edition of a web-based annual publication by the 4th quarter of 2004. With the input of numerous librarians, health sciences professionals, medical book wholesalers and the Library Board of Advisors, in December of 2004, Doody Enterprises published the first edition of Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences, was published just 8 months after the Brandon/Hill discontinuation announcement. A new edition of Doody's Core Titles is published every May in time for the MLA meeting.

For more information or to order, visit: http://www.doody.com/dct/.



Publishing Services Division

Because of the relentless consolidation of the publishing industry over the past two decades, a professional society has an opportunity to develop a successful book and software (i.e., nonperiodical) publishing program aimed at its focused segment of the market. Furthermore, the society has brand recognition among its members that none of its commercial competitors can match.

Developing or expanding a nonperiodical publishing program is a natural way for a professional society to extend its mission to provide meaningful continuing education content for its members. In addition to its unrivaled brand, a society enjoys three critical commercial advantages over its publishing competitors:

  • access to the thought and opinion leaders – that is, the author pool – individuals who are often in leadership positions in the society
  • direct, low-cost access to the primary market for the published works, the general membership of the society
  • systems to award Continuing Education (CE) credit

The Publishing Services Division of Doody Enterprises offers products and services designed to help societies develop or grow a nonperiodical publishing program in a financially responsible way. Because of the six-decade long publishing experience of its two principals, Rich Lampert and Dan Doody, the division is well positioned to offer proven, practical approaches.

Learn more about the Publishing Services Division.



MedInfoNowIn addition to the popular weekly updates, MedInfoNow provides its registered users with access to the most comprehensive book and software database in the health sciences as well as highly efficient access to the last 52 weeks of updates of the Medline® database.

Key Components

  • The Weekly Literature Update, featuring news and announcements from the sponsoring organization, as well as updates of two best-of-breed databases, Doody's Book Reviews and Medline®
  • Access to information about more than 100,000 books and software titles, including bibliographic and descriptiive data, Doody's Book Reviews, Doody's Questionnaires, Doody's Star Ratings®, and including cover shots
  • Access to the last 3 years of articles added to the Medline® database, with seamless links to the PubMed web site and gateways to online versions of the articles.

Who can use MedInfoNow?

More than 70,000 healthcare professionals are registered users at a MedInfoNow Web site customized to the needs of...

  • Medical Societies -- Offer the premium content of MedInfoNow as a benefit to their members
  • Healthcare Corporations -- Develop private-label brands of MedInfoNow to reach their highly targeted constituency with literature updates
  • Healthcare Institutions -- Connect their patrons to their collection and holdings dynamically through the update services of MedInfoNow and hooks from the MedInfoNOW books and journal article databases to books and articles in their collection
  • Healthcare Professionals -- Customize the updates from MedInfoNow to get just the information they need to stay up to date

Learn more about MedInfoNow.



Doody's Review Service - Now Includes Doody's Core Titles!

First published in May 1995, thousands of librarians worldwide have subscribed to Doody's Review Service to help with collection development and cataloging.

New Version! - Doody's Review Service has gotten even better with enhanced search, collaboration and account management tools.

Take a FREE 30-day trial.

Key Features

  • The Weekly Literature Update, providing an email update of books and book reviews added to the database in the previous week, customized to each personal profile
  • Access to the Web's most comprehensive database of book and software titles in the health sciences featuring more than 20,000 expert reviews with 2,000 new reviews added each year
  • Research tools - advanced search engine as well as quick browsing capabilities
  • Collaboration tools - Create, Update, Print and Share lists of titles created from your Weekly Literature Update or your search results

Who Can Use Doody's Review Service?

  • Medical Libraries
  • Health Information Professionals

Learn more about Doody's Review Service...



Content Licensing

Doody's Book Review database is a unique collection of proprietary information about health sciences books and software sent to Doody Enterprises since 1993 by English-language health sciences publishers.

Key Features

  • Descriptive and bibliographic information
  • Cover shots
  • Doody's expert reviews
  • Doody's Star Ratings®

Who Can License Content?

  • Internet Bookstores
  • Medical Book Distributors
  • Medical Journals
  • Web sites providing premium content for healthcare professionals

For more information about licensing Doody's unique book content, write sales@doody.com.