Sunday, June 24, 2018
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About MedInfoNow

The staff at Doody Enterprises, with its decades-long experience as an information provider to healthcare professionals, designed MedInfoNow to respond to healthcare professionals' number one need to stay up to date with the literature while addressing the vexing problem of information overload. The premiere Internet-based information updating service for more than 70,000 healthcare professionals, MedInfoNow reaches healthcare professionals through their affiliations with professional societies, healthcare institutions and corporations. 

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The Five Main Features

  1. The Weekly Literature Update, a personalized e-mail.
  2. The sponsor-branded Web site.
  3. Access to the Web's most comprehensive database of health sciences book and software titles, including Doody's Book Reviews.
  4. Access to personalized searches of updates to the Medline® database.
  5. Sponsor access to a secure administrative site.

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Benefits to Sponsors

  1. A benefit for sponsor's targeted users, designed to keep them abreast of all relevant sponsor news and new journal articles and books.
  2. Branded throughout in the sponsor's name.
  3. A low-cost tool that allows sponsor to get its message in front of key constituents every week.
  4. Low-to-no-maintenance service, with technical support and customer service provided by the staff of Doody Enterprises, not the sponsor.
  5. Web-based tools to monitor usage and to cross promote other services offered by the sponsor.
  6. Semiannual usage reports and commissions.

Benefits to End Users

  1. Convenient and time-saving access to important sponsor news and a comprehensive information update service.
  2. Weekly Literature Update in the user’s self-profiled areas of interest.
  3. Service addresses the number one information need of healthcare professionals: access to up-to-date information while reducing information overload.
  4. Easy, intuitive access to comprehensive databases of book and software titles, new journal article abstracts, and to special features (online book ordering, e-mailing reviews to a colleague, etc.).

Administrative Details

  1. Entire service is developed, hosted and maintained by Doody Enterprises, Inc., and its staff.
  2. A commitment from MedInfoNow to upgrade the service on a regular basis. Upgrades include adding more content, improving the interface, adding new services, etc.
  3. Doody Enterprises is obligated to provide written semiannual usage reports and checks for commissions earned for books and software sold at the sponsor’s site.

Testimonials from Healthcare Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions about MedInfoNow

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