Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Doody's Review Service


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  • Unique collection development tool featuring the most extensive database of expert reviews of books and software in the health sciences, now numbering nearly 20,000 and updated weekly.
    • More timely reviews than those of other review sources.
    • Reviews include both the expert’s narrative and quantitative assessment.
    • Reviewers are health sciences professionals at major academic institutions.
    • Includes Doody’s Star Ratings – the most trusted rating guide for health sciences titles.
  • Comprehensive database of bibliographic information on 90,000 book and software titles in 120 specialties including basic science, clinical medicine, nursing, allied health and other health-related disciplines.
  • Customized weekly e-mails report on new titles and new reviews in each user’s areas of interest.
  • Tools at the DRS web site allow the subscriber to
    • Search database by author, title, copyright date, publisher, specialty, key word, star rating and other parameters
    • Create, store, e-mail and share lists of titles.
    • E-mail bibliographic information and reviews to colleagues.
  • Annual subscription of $450 comes with 5 seats.


  • Time-saving. Citations of newly published books and new reviews in your specialty areas of interest appear every Friday in your e-mail Inbox.
  • Cost-efficient. If the expert reviews prevent you from purchasing just four average-priced books each year, those savings will have paid for DRS.
  • Comprehensive. At over 20,000 reviews and 90,000 listings, DRS is the most comprehensive collection development tool available.
  • Conserves human resources. Reviews of 2,000 titles are added to DRS each year that subscribers can easily access. Doing the research to find expert reviews of 2,000 titles without DRS would take more than 200 people hours each year – the equivalent of 5 full-time work weeks.
  • Great value. What would it cost you to commission reviews of 2,000 books every year? DRS brings you these expert reviews for less than 20 cents per review.

    Includes Doody's Core Titles

    Doody's Review Service contains complete core title listings as well as essential purchase recommendations from the Essential Collection Development Tool for Libraries of All Sizes, Doody's Core Titles. Doody's Review Service subscribers always have access to the most recent edition of Doody's Core Titles via integrated tools at the DRS website (http://www.doody.com/DRS).