Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Catalog Connect

The power of your online catalog, enhanced by the most comprehensive database of information on over 100,000 health sciences and nursing books and software...

Watch our Flash video on Catalog Connect to see a real-world example of this exciting new product's power by clicking here.

Catalog Connect gives your patrons direct access to Doody's comprehensive database of book reviews and descriptions, as well as data from Amazon.com and Matthews Book Company. Together, they represent a database of 100,000 records, 68,000 cover images, 72,000 editorial descriptions, and thousands of expert reviews.

Here's how it works. You simply add a link from your online catalog record to a standalone page that has the full Doody record. Experience it now by clicking here!

All of the features that make up a Doody record are available to your patrons -- citation, review, questionnaire, editorial description, cover image, export and print features, direct links to Amazon and Matthews, and even PDF brochures on selected titles. All of this is available through the addition of a single link. 

It's easy to make that link a part of your record. If you are an Innovative WebBridge or Ex Libris SFX customer, you can add the link to Catalog Connect yourself without any further involvement by your ILS vendor -- all you need is an authorization token from Doody Enterprises. Doody will be adding connections to other vendors shortly. 

To find out more, contact Steve Haiman at (312) 239-6229 or at steve@doody.com. He'll be happy to give you a complete tour of Catalog Connect.