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About The Publishing Services Division

Why a Society Publishing Program Makes Sense

Developing or expanding a nonperiodical publishing program is a natural way for a professional society to extend its mission to provide meaningful continuing education content for its members, and often a source of incremental nondues revenue.

Two obstacles for most societies are lack of direct experience of the management team in building a publishing program and the investment required to launch a broad-based nonperiodical publishing program. The Publishing Services Division of Doody Enterprises addresses these two obstacles by offering products, consulting services, and contracted services for its society clients.

The Principals

The three principals of the division, Dan Doody, Rich Lampert, and Jim Ross, have years of experience developing publishing programs for the major medical imprints in health sciences publishing, including Elsevier, W. B. Saunders, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Mosby-Year Book, Year Book Medical Publishers, and Marcel Dekker, Inc.

A veteran of the medical publishing industry, Dan Doody has run his own online medical publishing company since January 1993. The company specializes in providing personal weekly information updates to the members of professional health societies which license this literature update service from Doody. In addition, Doody Enterprises is the market leader in publishing expert reviews of newly published books and software in the health sciences. As such, Doody Enterprises manages the most comprehensive database of book and software titles in the health sciences.

Prior to founding his own company, Dan worked for 15 years in various general management, editorial development and sales and marketing capacities for medical publishing divisions. For 13 years he worked for Mosby-Year Book, where he served a Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Year Book imprint (a $25 million business), and as Executive Vice President of the $45 million International Division.

Rich Lampert is a leader in health science publishing programs with over 30 years of experience, blending a continuing interest in hands-on acquisitions with management and executive roles. In his most recent corporate position, Rich was Vice President, Global Surgery, at Elsevier, generating some $50 million in global sales within the $900 million Health Science Division. From 1999 to 2003, sales of the publishing program grew by 50%, spurred by an increased use of electronic media and aggressive efforts to grow book publishing programs in strategic specialties.

Since 2004, Rich has worked full-time as a consultant, with engagements that include publishing and editorial strategy, strategic and product acquisitions, marketing, sales, portal strategy, and Website development.

The newest principal, Jim Ross, is a veteran of book production and manufacturing. He managed production for a total of 16 years at Richard D. Irwin and Mosby-Year Book, then served for three years as vice president–manufacturing at the Grolier Company. During this period, Jim was involved in internal relations with editorial and marketing, had primary responsibility for inventory systems, and spearheaded the installation of in-house desktop composition. For the last 15 years, Jim was a sales representative for the Worzalla Company, a major book manufacturer, where he grew sales in his territory from less than a million dollars to over 9 million dollars.

Jim’s expertise enables the division to provide consulting and contract services for all phases of production and manufacturing, from manuscript to final product.

Consulting Services, Contracting Services, and Products

Consulting Services: Generally performed on a project basis, with both principals closely involved in organizing the project, acquiring information, interviewing stakeholders, and preparing a report. Whenever possible, our consulting engagements conclude with a face-to-face briefing for our clients, and we offer a complimentary diagnostic checkup approximately six months after the completion of a project.

PSD has performed an impressive range of projects that are broadly concerned with publishing strategy, including: 

  • Developing a strategic publishing plan
  • Developing an editorial acquisitions plan
  • Developing an eBook publishing strategy
  • Conducting feasibility studies for new business opportunities
  • Developing a portal
  • Conducting online and telephone market surveys
  • Writing marketing plans
  • Cultivating new marketing and distribution channels
  • Expanding intellectual property licensing
  • Identifying, describing and planning the implementation of industry best practices
  • Conducting benchmark studies
  • Analyzing joint venture opportunities
  • Conducting product line / company acquisition valuations
  • Facilitating internal and external group planning / brainstorming / team-building meetings

Key to PSD’s success has been the use of needs assessments with potential clients rather than presenting a list of generic consulting packages to them. The needs assessment approach enables PSD to tailors its proposals to the client’s situation and expressed needs.

Contracting Services: One or both of our principals can serve as an offsite member of your operational staff to facilitate new initiatives or simply to fill staff vacancies.
  • Acquisitions editor/editorial management and development: We serve as a hands-on acquisitions editor, starting with your own target list or developing one, to approach potential authors on a society's behalf. We can also supervise and manage in-house acquisitions people and can foster their professional development.

  • Sales management: We oversee one or more sales channels, interfacing as necessary with marketing and fulfillment operations to optimize results.

  • Marketing management: We develop and/or implement marketing plans, focusing on a specific group of products (or all of your products) and on a specific channel (or all channels).

  • General management: Working part-time within your offices and being accessible full-time via phone and email, we can oversee your publishing program and focus as needed on critical shortfalls.

Products: Documents developed to provide commonly requested perspectives and skills. 

  • Competitive Analysis. These reports draw heavily from queries to our industry-leading product database, which includes over 100,000 nonperiodical titles across the health sciences.

  • eBook Annual Report. An annual report on developments in the eBook marketplace during the previous year. The report focuses on platforms, sales volumes, publisher activity / participation, distribution channels and technological and market developments. 

  • Apps Report. Similar to the eBook Annual Report, this written report covers applications for mobile devices aimed at healthcare professionals and students, again focusing on platforms, sales volume, players (content providers / applications developers), distribution channels, and technological and market developments. 

  • Librarian focus groups. Using Doody’s extensive network of contacts in the medical library community, we can recruit librarians for a focus group. In addition, we can facilitate and report on the focus group.

How to Get Started
If you would like a representative to contact you regarding the products and services provided by the Publishing Services Division, please contact the Doody Enterprises, Inc., sales department at sales@doody.com
or call 312.239.6226. We are happy to arrange a FREE 90-minute needs assessment to help you clarify the best way for us to address your challenges.