Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Doody Enterprises's principal information service aimed at healthcare professionals, MedInfoNow, consists of two editorial components, Doody's Book Reviews™ and custom filtering of Medline®. Both represent best-of-breed databases that have resulted from licensing information from key partners.

Doody's Book Reviews™

Doody's Book Reviews™ database features the Web's most comprehensive database of in-print book and software titles in the health sciences. The database consists of the bibliographic information and cover shots on more than 100,000 titles from Matthews Medical Books, Inc., and Amazon.com, tables of contents licensed from the J.A. Majors Company on approximately 20,000 of the titles, and the unique bibliographic, descriptive, and expert review information Doody Enterprises has developed on more than 30,000 titles participating publishers have sent Doody since January 1993.

Custom Filtered Medline®

The journal article portion of MedInfoNow, Custom Filtered Medline®, presents weekly updates of the Medline® database, customized to the topical interests of each individual user. The MedInfoNOW site also features the last 3 years of Medline®, accessible through sophisticated, user friendly filters, and seamless links to the entire Medline® database through the PubMed Web site.

Internet Book Stores

Healthcare professionals using the Doody's Book Reviews™ database at a MedInfoNOW site are able to get price and availability information from two Internet book stores, then place an order for the desired book or software title from the vendor of their choice. Doody Enterprises has established partnerships with Amazon.com and Matthews Medical Books to provide this service to its users.

Strategic Business Partner

Doody Enterprises has formed a strategic business partnership with Coe-Truman Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of abstract management, review and submission systems for the annual meetings of scientific, professional and medical societies.  The partnership involves IT support and new business development initiatives.