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Medical Libraries

Along with publishers and reviewers, medical libraries help form the foundation of Doody Enterprises. When Doody's Book Reviews were first published in Doody's Electronic Journal (now Doody's Review Service) in 1993, the Medical Library Association endorsed it as a "valuable collection development, cataloging and reference tool." The information needs of medical libraries have always been a primary focus of Doody Enterprises.

About Doody's Book Reviews™ Database

Since 1993 Doody's Book Reviews™ database has been the most timely and reliable source of expert reviews of newly published books and software in the health sciences. For more information...click here.

Doody's Services for Medical Libraries

Doody's Review Service is the premiere medical book collection development tool. Medical libraries wanting a premium literature update service for its patrons turn to a site license to MedInfoNow. Doody's Core Titles is the newest product for libraries of all sizes. For more information on all of these products, click here.

Current Library Customers

For a partial listing of libraries currently subscribing to Doody's Review Service, licensing Doody's Core Titles or with a site license to MedInfoNow...click here.

Library Board of Advisors

Prominent librarians have been advising Doody Enterprises since 1993 on the content and delivery system used for its information products. For a list of the Library Board of Advisors, click here.

Medline® Search Experts

To develop its innovative, personalized updates of additions to the Medline® database, Doody Enterprises engages medical librarians to develop expert search strategies. For more information...click here.

Testimonials from Medical Librarians

To read what your colleagues think of Doody Enterprises' services, click here.

More Information

To get information about our products for libraries...click here.

Doody's Review Service includes Doody's Core Titles

Doody's Review Service subscribers automatically have access to the latest Doody's Core Titles selection and scores at the DRS website.
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Doody's Core Titles 2012 Now Available!

The 2012 edition of Doody's Core Titles is published! The 2012edition represents an entirely new selection and scoring process covering 121 specialties. Access is now even easier with new online invoicing and standing order options.

For more information or to order, visit: http://www.doody.com/dct/

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