Friday, January 19, 2018
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Companies interested in adding high quality content aimed at healthcare professionals license data from Doody Enterprises. The company delivers its data to licensees in a variety of formats designed to meet its clients' needs. Clients license either the entire database (consisting of bibiliographic and descriptive information and cover shots, Doody's Book Reviews, and Doody's Star Ratings®) or just Doody's Star Ratings®.

About Doody's Book Reviews™

This novel service, developed in 1993, provides timely, expert, formatted reviews of newly published books and software from more than 250 English-language healthcare publishers. To learn more, click here.

Doody's Book Database

Doody's Book database consists of original bibliographic and descriptive content on more than 30,000 healthcare titles dating back to 1993, featuring original expert reviews, Doody's Star Ratings®, and experts' ratings of 16 elements of the book on about 2/3 of them. For more, click here.

Doody's Star Ratings®

Doody Enterprises licenses the database of the unique Doody's Star Ratings® on more than 20,000 titles, with star ratings added on about 200 titles each month. For a full description, click here.

Typical Licensees

Companies providing content for healthcare professionals, Internet-based book databases and bookstores, and publications wishing to find a low-cost and low-maintenance way to provide book reviews to its readers are typical licensees. For more information about licensing, click here.

Editorial Review Group Chairs

For a complete list of leading academic healthcare professionals responsible for commissioning reviewers for Doody's Book Review Service™ in each of the 125 specialties covered by the service, click here.

Participating Publishers

More than 250 English-language publishers of books aimed at professionals and students in the health sciences send their books to Doody Enterprises to be part of the unique Doody's Book Reviews™ database. For a list of participating publishers, click here.

More Information

If your company provides content to healthcare professionals or medical libraries and you are interested in learning more about licensing Doody's data, click here.