Friday, January 19, 2018
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Health Care Institutions

Dedicated to serving the information needs of their patrons, healthcare institutions seek ways to provide high quality content for their members. Since 1995, Doody Enterprises has been providing high quality, innovative content to healthcare professionals affiliated with its institutional partners.
About MedInfoNow
By purchasing a site license to MedInfoNow, healthcare institutions help solve their patrons' principal information need to stay up to date with the literature while reducing information overload. To learn more, click here.

Institutional Site License 
Doody Enterprises develops, hosts and maintains this turnkey service, which is branded in the institution's name. For more, click here.

MedInfoNow Features
MedInfoNow consists of five components: the personalized Weekly Literature Update, the institution-branded Web site, access to the most comprehensive database of medical books and software on the Web, access to the last 52 weeks of Medline®, and an administrative site for the institution to insert its own content into the service and to monitor patrons' usage. For a full description, click here.

Security and Privacy
Access to MedInfoNow for institutions and their patrons is restricted through institutional IP address(es). The site license letter agreement details Doody Enterprises' obligations to protect the privacy of its clients' patrons. For our privacy policy, click here.

To launch and maintain the service for its patrons, the institution performs a few key functions.  For a listing of these protocols, click here.

More Information
To learn more about obtaining MedInfoNow for the employees of your institution, please click here.