Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Doody's Book Reviews™

Doody's Book Reviews™ database is the most comprehensive database of books and software in the health sciences, featuring more than 100,000 in print titles, including extensive bibliographic and descriptive data, as well as book cover shots, with expert reviews of more than 24,000 titles. At the foundation of the service is the company's proprietary database of expert reviews, written by a network of more than 5,000 academically affiliated reviewers and published by Doody Enterprises in an exceptionally timely manner.

This innovative database is the result of exceptional partnerships the company enjoys with the medical book and software publishing industry, its prestigious Editorial Review Group of 125 leading academic medical professionals, its network of approximately 5,000 reviewers, two leading medical book distributors, two leading Internet booksellers, and its Library Board of Advisors which has assisted the company with product design and development.

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How do I get Doody's Book Reviews?

Medical Librarians

  • Doody's Review Service - First introduced in May 1995, this unique online periodical is subscribed to by hundreds of libraries around the world.
  • MedInfoNOW Institutional Site License - This product enables institutions - typically through their libraries - to extend the literature update services of Doody Enterprises to their patron communities.

Healthcare Professionals

  • MedInfoNOW - First introduced in January 1996, this service now reaches more than 300,000 healthcare professionals with book and journal article updates through Web sites built for the medical society or institution with which they are affiliated.

Health Content Providers

  • Licensing Doody's Book Content - Companies providing content to healthcare professionals license Doody's Book Reviews database and Doody's Star Ratings® to augment their content offerings.