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Investigating the Status of User Experience Librarianship in Health Sciences Libraries


Alanna Campbell, MISt
Health Sciences Library
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Editor’s Note: We invited the author to submit this article in follow-up to a Medical Reference Services Quarterly article.

All librarians want the learners, professionals, and consumers they serve to have a positive experience accessing library resources and services. Considering all steps a person undertakes when utilizing or interacting with the library is an element of what we know as the “user experience” (UX).1 While there is a great body of general literature on UX librarianship, there is little, if any, tailored to UX librarianship in health sciences libraries. The fact is health sciences librarians are practicing elements of UX daily and some have gone on to publish related materials demonstrating their considerations for aspects of UX – even if not overtly describing it as “UX.”...

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 Score: 92
Cambridge University Press
Earth Detox: How and Why We Must Clean Up Our Planet
Author: Cribb , Julian

Every person on our home planet is affected by a worldwide deluge of man-made chemicals and pollutants, most of which have never been tested for safety. Our chemical emissions are six times larger than our total greenhouse gas emissions. They are in our food, our water, the air we breathe, our homes and workplaces, and the things we use each day. This universal poisoning affects our minds, ...

American Pharmacists Association
Peripheral Brain for the Pharmacist, 2022-23
Editor: Abrons , Jeanine P.

Peripheral Brain for the Pharmacist is a pocket-sized collection of resources that provides quick references to commonly accessed clinical information that is required in a variety of pharmacy practice settings. The new 2022–23 edition includes more than 90 individual core reference pages, including new content on acid-base states; diversity, equity, and inclusion; global cultural ...

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